The Importance of Giving Back to Our Community


For over 50 years, we’ve enjoyed being an integral part of the greater Newton community. And as a part of this community, we believe in giving back to and supporting the members and organizations that make it such a wonderful place to live and work in. Throughout the years, we’ve been happy to support so many amazing events and causes from youth groups and schools to dance marathons, food festivals and countless charitable events and organizations both large and small.

Feeding the Community

As a bakery, feeding the community is clearly a priority of ours, so it saddens us to hear that, as of 2021, as many as one in five families is food insecure. That is why we are honored to be regular supporters of the Newton Food Pantry. The oldest and largest food pantry in Newton, this organization distributed over 65,000 bags of groceries and personal care items to over 2000 individuals just last year, an amazing effort that we’re humbled to be just a small part of.

Community and family have always been a central part of Rosenfeld’s from the very beginning and we are proud to have continued the tradition, keeping this connection with the community alive and thriving throughout the years. Have you been a part of one of these organizations we’ve supported or attended one of these events? If so, we’d love to hear your story as we celebrate 50 years as a Newton community business.


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