Celebrating 50 Years of Serving Newton

A look back on the moments and memories of Rosenfeld’s Bagels

50 years have come and gone for us in the blink of an eye, yet they have been filled with so many amazing moments, proud achievements and, most importantly, priceless connections forged within our community, many of which have grown into lifelong friendships. We love Newton and we love hearing your stories of how you’ve made Rosenfeld’s a part of your lives and traditions. Thank you to each and every one of you who has shared these precious moments with us and that has been such an integral part of our success over the years.

50 Years of Memories

When we visited my parents in Connecticut, we would frequently bring them Rosenfeld’s bagels by request. My father, who lived to 101 and ate a lot of different bagels in his life, always said that Rosenfeld’s were the best bagels in the world.

- Edmund Case

I remember discovering Rosenfeld’s after moving to the area 35 years ago and realizing that I no longer had to drive to NYC for my bagels!!! Thank you too for bringing Boston real bialys!!!

- Steven Kaplan

As a boy growing up on Cypress Street in the early 70s, I fondly remember heading off with my younger brother to Rosenfeld’s for salt bagels after school. We did this until our teenage years when our afternoons became full with after-school activities and friends. I think of this every time I come in for bagels now. Thank you for being a part of Newton and of my diet!

- Dan Powdermaker

I was a middle schooler at Meadowbrook when Rosenfeld’s opened. I remember everyone loving the bagels, but people also wondering how a business could survive just selling bagels. History has proven that wrong! So glad you’re still here!

- Diane Kaufman

My favorite thing is arriving to hot, fresh egg bagels. I also love all the friendly, hard-working people.

- Luis Franco

As I was recovering from a particularly bad flu, the ONLY thing I could eat for 4 days was Rosenfeld’s challah bread. It saved my life and nursed me back to health. That challah gave new meaning to “Bread is Life”. Thank you for so many great memories!

- Barbara Darnell

My best memory of Rosenfeld’s Bagel is Marc Rosenfeld! A simple guy from Paterson, NJ who came to law school at Suffolk University and made Boston his new home. Keep on baking Rosenfeld’s Bagels!

- Betsy Feldman

I grew up having your bagels almost every Sunday, a tradition I extended to to my own kids. Your bagels are synonymous with every brunch we have and your babka is one of my kids favorite foods. When I visit them at school I almost always bring a Babka and challah!

- Beth Coomber

I started working at Rosenfeld’s my sophomore year of high school in 1990. Gina was my manager and a terrific person. She taught me to cut the plastic rings used to keep soda cans together so when discarded birds wouldn’t get caught in them. I have taught uncountable people to do the same. Peter DeRosa was the owner and later his brother Domenic became manager. I even met Marc Rosenfeld a few times when he visited. A young baker named Mike assisted Francisco the master baker at the time. I love that this business still exists. The bagels are the same as always and I’m still a regular customer.

- David Landau

Your delicious fresh challahs helped us through the pandemic.

- Reuben Fisher

I love going early in the morning and know that you are open and have fresh bagels available. Thank you for sharing with me your delicious bagels.

- Lysistrata Gowrinathan

When we lived in Newton, Rosenfeld’s was our bagel place. When you started making challah, we had a taste test with 2 other area bakeries and Rosenfeld’s won! Now we drive in from Hull to keep buying your great challahs and other baked goodies! Thank you!

- Sandy Doren

50 Years of Customers

Rabbi Gershon Segal
Peter Derosa
Rabbi Zvi Solomon
Rabbi Michelle Robinson
Mara Nislick
Penny Scharfman
Deb Hall
Rabbi Benjamin Samuels
Ruthanne Fuller
Joyce Zakim
Arnold and Joyce Malernan
Allen Nissenbaum
Sandy Doren
Lysistrata Gowrinathan
Reuben Fisher
David Landau
Beth Coomber
Barbara Darnell
Luise Franco
Diane Kaufman
Deborah Budd
Mark Trachtenberg
Dan Powdermaker
Steven Kaplan
Edmund Case
Betsy Feldman

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