Celebrating 50 Years of Serving Newton

A look back on the moments and memories of Rosenfeld’s Bagels

50 years have come and gone for us in the blink of an eye, yet they have been filled with so many amazing moments, proud achievements and, most importantly, priceless connections forged within our community, many of which have grown into lifelong friendships. We love Newton and we love hearing your stories of how you’ve made Rosenfeld’s a part of your lives and traditions. Thank you to each and every one of you who has shared these precious moments with us and that has been such an integral part of our success over the years.

50 Years of Memories

“Happy 50th, Rosenfeld’s! While it feels like barely a handful of years ago, it’s been 42 years since I baked my last batch of Rosenfeld’s bagels. I worked weekends while in high school, from 1979 to 1982. I enjoyed every single hour of it. I performed several roles at Rosenfeld’s over the years: Working the 5-rack rotating oven was a thrill! I still reflect back with satisfaction that I could have 5 full racks of bagels running simultaneously, timing everything just right so that each shelf would yield a perfectly baked Rosenfeld bagel. At some point during baking, one would have to flip the bagels in the oven. Countless times, my wrist would brush the hot metal frame of the shelf, leaving a 1-2” sear. It took years for the scars to fade, but I never minded. I was quite proud of them. I still look for them today from time to time, hoping to spot some tell-tale sign, but they are long gone. But Rosenfeld’s is still going strong, and I am sure some other worthy baker is “earning his scars”, and is proud of them too. Me? I’m just happy to eat the bagels whenever I am in town! Thanks for everything, Rosenfeld’s.

- William Willer

“I worked at Rosenfelds in the early 80’s. I loved going to the Best of Boston events with the manager and my co-workers and spending countless hours in the back making cream cheese, my arm aching slicing bagels for the bagel chips (which was a new thing). The lines were always out the door on Saturday and Sunday. I still refer to Rosenfelds as the best bagels in Boston!”

- Terry Hassol

“I have been a customer of Rosenfeld’s since the day it opened over 50 years ago. Since then, there are very few early Sunday mornings I haven’t schlepped into the store to get a dozen bagels or more. I am always greeted, no matter how crowded the store is, the minute I step in, by the ever warm and friendly Monica.

Every Sunday morning my wonderful and charming wife, Judi, and I have a brunch at our house for our family, whether living locally or visiting from out-of-town, who are able and willing to show-up. We typically have at least 6 family members, but more often, 8-12, join us for my famous scrambled eggs, Judi’s delicious Belgian waffles or pancakes, fruit salad, danish or coffee cake, and, of course, Rosenfeld’s bagels with 3 different cream cheeses to choose from to schmeer on them with lox and tomatoes, not to mention, all the coffee you care to drink.”

- Norman Greenberg

I walked into Rosenfelds in 1990 and asked Nick DeRosa for a job, my first job beyond baby-sitting—the first one that required a uniform and a punch card. I worked the counter throughout high school and college breaks. I recruited so many of my friends to work there (both my sisters too) that Peter DeRosa took my picture and hung it by the register. I have countless memories from those years at Rosenfelds, but what I gleaned was so much more than free bagels and hard earned spending cash. Rosenfelds taught me to show up on time, leave my ego at the door, do what needs to be done, and treat people decently. I still come in on my way to work sometimes and as a career Newton Public Schools teacher—those work lessons gleaned long ago serve me daily. Rosenfelds—thanks for keeping it, and me, real!!

- Becky Cohen

Rosenfeld’s bagels and its spreads have been part of many Sunday’s brunch at our home. They helped create precious memories with family and friends. They are part of my soul! Mille grazie!

- Viviana Planine

Even before I moved to Newton from another state, when I visited a friend here, Rosenfeld’s was an essential part of my trip. During the visit, we would jump in the car for Sunday morning bagels and schmear. I loved them hot and fresh from the oven! I knew that I couldn’t get another bagel like it until the next time I came to town, often several months away. So, most importantly, before I left, I would call in the largest order I could carefully pack in my luggage and carry-on bag (I usually packed light on the trip to Newton to allow for plenty of room for bagels on the way back!). When I got home, the bagels went in the freezer and I carefully rationed them to last as long as possible until my next trip. No other bagel could compare, so if it wasn’t Rosenfeld’s, I wouldn’t eat it! Now I also give them as gifts to make someone’s day.

- Peggy Bowers

Rosenfeld’s has been a part of my life for over 40 years! When I was 14 years old, I worked at Rosenfeld’s, doing everything from making sandwiches to packing cream cheese and arranging the display case. It was just a bagel joint back then, no babka or challah (unfortunately). Employees could take home a dozen bagels after their shift – we had bagels in my freezer at home for years. Rosenfeld’s is still my go-to spot for bagels when hosting brunch or having out of town guests, when the kids are home from college and beyond, or when we just want the best bagels in New England and beyond!

- Julie Stonehill

I grew up in Newton in the 60s and 70s. When “Picadilly Square Phase II” opened and we discovered REAL bagels at Rosenfeld’s, our Sundays were never the same. My father would get bagels virtually every Sunday, and I continued that tradition when I moved to Brookline as an adult. Mike was always there, always remembering my order, and always baking. If Passover ever ended on a Friday night or Saturday night, we would stand in a line that snaked out the door into the parking lot for bagels the next morning. When I moved to Connecticut in my 20s, I would buy 2-3 dozen every time I visited home, slice and freeze them, and have bagels available for months – there was no substitute. Thank you, Rosenfeld’s, for setting a high bar for the best bagels around.

- Judy Loitherstein Kalisker

We’ve been enjoying Rosenfeld’s bagels, challahs and babkas every since our family moved to Newton Center many decades ago. Everything from Rosesnfeld’s was always a special treat to share with family and friends who visited from out of town and always for special events and family holidays. Rosenfeld’s is a unique community treasure.

- Elliie Goldberg

My family loves Rosenfelds Challahs. My daughters and family live in San Francisco. Every time I visit them, my suitcase has at least four to six Challahs in it. My grandchildren always ask did you bring the Challahs? There are no challahs that compare!

- Wendy Einis

My dad and I get bagels every weekend from Rosenfeld’s. It’s my favorite weekend tradition and the people there are so nice and helpful!

- Walter David Odom

It was the Friday after the Boston Marathon bombing. The entire area was sheltering in place. But it was Friday, and we needed our Rosenfeld’s Challah for Shabbat. I live about a mile from Rosenfeld’s. I ventured out. The streets were empty except for the occasional police car. I worried about getting pulled over, but I made it to the store. Parking was easy, perhaps for the first time ever. The store was devoid of customers, but filled with Challah. I bought several and made it home. Sometimes you have to take risks, and Rosenfeld’s Challah was worth it.

- Michael Swarttz

“When Rosenenfeld’s first opened, I work every Saturday at Chandler Levy Hardware Store and my best friend worked at the Goldsmith Jewelery Store. On our lunch break, we always met at Rosenfeld’s to get our egg bagels with Chive Cheese. Great memories!”

- Deborah Glickman

“My brother and I opened our chiropractic clinic right above Rosenfeld’s in 1981. We had the benefit of smelling the bagels coming out of the ovens. The owner was always quite nice and we had a great relationship with him for years. I still stop by and buy bagels and Challah. I am so happy that you can celebrate your 50th anniversary!!!”

- Ken Lowey

“Rosenfeld’s, to me, is family. My grandfather, Michael Davis, got bagels for Sunday brunch from Rosenfeld’s, and only Rosenfeld’s, for decades. One by one, my family moved out of Newton, yet we all make the trip back to Rosenfeld’s as no other bagel compares! My grandfather passed away in April 2022, and coming here is just one way that we keep his memory alive. So thank you Rosenfeld’s, for everything!”

- Zoe Davis

“Every year on St. Patrick’s Day when I was a kid, either my mom or I would go to Rosenfeld’s to buy some of the special green bagels, dyed for the holiday. My friends saw me eating the green bagels at school, and we decided that The Green Bagel would be an excellent name for a rock band! We didn’t actually form a real band, but we talked about it all the time. We named our first (fictional) album Scream Cheese. And all of this was inspired by Rosenfeld’s.”

- Rachel Kern

“On my way home from my after-school job at the New England Mobile Book Fair, we’d often stop at Rosenfeld’s for some still-warm sesame bagels, one of which would be eaten immediately.”

- Daniel Miller

“While Rosenfeld’s bagels are popular, our favs are the Challah and danish (especially the blueberry ring and chocolate babka)! The owner has always been kind and accommodating, especially when some of us place our High Holiday orders on the late side! Our Shabbat meal is not complete without a Rosenfeld’s Challah! We often purchase 4 at a time and freeze them to have on hand. For almost 25 years, Rosenfeld’s has been our go to for the best challah! There’s nothing like the smell of a warm Rosenfeld’s Challah in the oven (as we like to serve them heated)!”

- Lisa Bello

“I worked across the street at Bank of Boston in the mid 90’s and Rosenfeld’s was and still is my go to breakfast spot. I no longer work in Newton, but I will travel there just to get my favorite bagels from Rosenfeld’s!”

- Roxy Cornelius

“Every sunny Sunday morning until my second son arrived, I’d walk with a stroller from our house to Rosenfeld’s. We would each have our favorite bagel with a bottle of orange juice while sitting on the steps in front of the bakery. Customers smiled at my son with his bright red hair enjoying his outdoor brunch; the warm taste of a freshly baked Rosenfeld bagel eaten together in our outdoors “cafe” is unforgettable!”

- Donna Hirt

When we visited my parents in Connecticut, we would frequently bring them Rosenfeld’s bagels by request. My father, who lived to 101 and ate a lot of different bagels in his life, always said that Rosenfeld’s were the best bagels in the world.

- Edmund Case

I remember discovering Rosenfeld’s after moving to the area 35 years ago and realizing that I no longer had to drive to NYC for my bagels!!! Thank you too for bringing Boston real bialys!!!

- Steven Kaplan

As a boy growing up on Cypress Street in the early 70s, I fondly remember heading off with my younger brother to Rosenfeld’s for salt bagels after school. We did this until our teenage years when our afternoons became full with after-school activities and friends. I think of this every time I come in for bagels now. Thank you for being a part of Newton and of my diet!

- Dan Powdermaker

I was a middle schooler at Meadowbrook when Rosenfeld’s opened. I remember everyone loving the bagels, but people also wondering how a business could survive just selling bagels. History has proven that wrong! So glad you’re still here!

- Diane Kaufman

My favorite thing is arriving to hot, fresh egg bagels. I also love all the friendly, hard-working people.

- Luis Franco

As I was recovering from a particularly bad flu, the ONLY thing I could eat for 4 days was Rosenfeld’s challah bread. It saved my life and nursed me back to health. That challah gave new meaning to “Bread is Life”. Thank you for so many great memories!

- Barbara Diener

My best memory of Rosenfeld’s Bagel is Marc Rosenfeld! A simple guy from Paterson, NJ who came to law school at Suffolk University and made Boston his new home. Keep on baking Rosenfeld’s Bagels!

- Betsy Feldman

I grew up having your bagels almost every Sunday, a tradition I extended to to my own kids. Your bagels are synonymous with every brunch we have and your babka is one of my kids favorite foods. When I visit them at school I almost always bring a Babka and challah!

- Beth Coomber

I started working at Rosenfeld’s my sophomore year of high school in 1990. Gina was my manager and a terrific person. She taught me to cut the plastic rings used to keep soda cans together so when discarded birds wouldn’t get caught in them. I have taught uncountable people to do the same. Peter DeRosa was the owner and later his brother Domenic became manager. I even met Marc Rosenfeld a few times when he visited. A young baker named Mike assisted Francisco the master baker at the time. I love that this business still exists. The bagels are the same as always and I’m still a regular customer.

- David Landau

Your delicious fresh challahs helped us through the pandemic.

- Reuben Fisher

I love going early in the morning and know that you are open and have fresh bagels available. Thank you for sharing with me your delicious bagels.

- Lysistrata Gowrinathan

When we lived in Newton, Rosenfeld’s was our bagel place. When you started making challah, we had a taste test with 2 other area bakeries and Rosenfeld’s won! Now we drive in from Hull to keep buying your great challahs and other baked goodies! Thank you!

- Sandy Doren

“It’s not a single event. It’s a continuing story. Although we now live just northwest of Philadelphia, for the past 20 year we have found ourselves in Newton up to a half dozen times a year. A stop at Rosenfeld’s for a dozen plain on our way out of town is part of our “return home” ritual. And a bagel with cream cheese for each of us helps make the ride home more pleasant.Thank you for being part of our lives.”

- Arnold and Joyce Malerman

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