Keeping Kosher – KVH Kosher Certified Since 2002

Our journey to becoming Kosher certified began when we expanded our menu to include challah, at the request of clients and suppliers in the local community.

We wanted to provide bread that could be served on every table. Recognizing that when one family or community member keeps Kosher, it’s important that all food served meet that dietary requirement, so we approached KVH Kosher. As the area’s recognized certification authority, known throughout New England for local brands, we knew that by meeting KVH standards, we were offering more choices for everyone in our community seeking those options.

We are proud to be associated with KVH Kosher, and work hard to keep up with the demands that KVH certification requires.

“Rosenfeld’s consistent dedication to meticulously upholding all aspects of its Kosher program to benefit its consumers is a testament to its idealistic vision of excellence. This vision to consistently produce quality Kosher products is apparent in the consumer confidence and fame the store has developed over these 20-plus years,” says Rabbi Zvi Solomon of KVH Kosher, who supervises our Kosher certification.

“Rosenfeld’s is a shining example to other food manufacturers that it is attainable to develop your brand of world-class food products while incorporating a Kosher program to the highest standards. I believe Rosenfeld’s has the one secret ingredient for success, its genuine interest in putting the needs of its consumers and community first. Period.”

Maintaining Kosher certification means that in addition to challah, our bagels, baked goods, cream cheeses and other foods can also be available for other important life events for local families, including bar/bat mitzvahs, bris and shiva. Our team here at Rosenfeld’s is proud of our longstanding commitment to Kosher quality and look forward to serving the Kosher community, as well as all of Newton, for years to come.

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