50 Years of Feeding a Community

On Tuesday, January 31, 2023, a small crowd gathered outside Rosenfeld’s Bagels to celebrate a monumental occasion. Newton Mayor Ruthanne Fuller presented Rosenfeld’s Bagels with a certificate commemorating the store’s fifty years in business.

As she presented the certificate, Mayor Fuller commented on the deep connections Rosenfeld’s has within the community and in Newton’s history. How Marc Rosenfeld started the shop with a dream of “doing better” and how Michael Lombardo has continued in his footsteps, feeding the Newton community both literally and figuratively.

After the ceremony, many shared tales of how Rosenfeld’s figured into their personal histories. Those who had worked there, others who made Rosenfeld’s a regular part of their daily routine, and the many, many stories of how Rosenfeld’s bagels and challahs have become a part of their families’ special traditions. To anyone who was listening in, it was clear, this was not “just another bagel shop.”

As those in attendance started to leave, a few curious passers-by poked their heads into the shop to see if it was open. And while it wasn’t (the shop is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays), the Rosenfeld’s team still managed to satisfy a few hungry souls. Each was offered bagels by Michael and Monica, the store’s general manager, until they ran out. Once again, Rosenfeld’s continues to keep our community well-fed.

Fifty years of feeding Newton has been an interesting ride, filled with amazing friendships and stories. Many of those stories were shared on that Tuesday and we’d love to hear yours. Please share your fondest Rosenfeld’s memory with us here.

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