21st Century Rosenfeld’s: How We’ve Held On To Tradition While Working Toward The Future


If there’s one thing that our customers love about us, it’s that they can count on the consistent quality of our products. Day in and day out, our bagels have remained the same delicious high quality products that Marc Rosenfeld envisioned back in 1973. But times DO change, and while some things shouldn’t (like our bagel recipe), other things definitely need to progress for the better. Just imagine, without change we wouldn’t have our delicious pastries, rolls and delectable, award-winning challah!

Over the years, we’ve not only added new products for our customers’ enjoyment but conveniences to make enjoying our products even easier. From things as simple as adding different ways to pay (remember when stores were cash only?), to new ways of ordering your food like our web storefront, delivery services and even order pickup. Advances like social media and email have given us new ways to connect with and communicate with you in ways we never have before! Most recently, we’ve even started offering text messaging as a way to stay in touch with us, bringing all the updates on store hours, new products and special offers right to your phone.

So while we’re a very traditional business steeped in history, the Rosenfeld’s team is always looking for new ways to improve our operations and the customer experience. And while you’ll likely see new and improved things in the years to come don’t worry, our mouthwatering bagels will remain deliciously unchanged.

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