Store Policies

An Important Note About Food Allergens

Rosenfeld’s Bagels is aware of the seriousness of food allergens and takes great care in making sure our products are safe and wholesome. Your safety and well-being are of the utmost importance to us and we encourage you to please inform our staff of any known food allergies you or your party may have. We are happy to answer your questions regarding the ingredients of our products, but please know that we do have NUTS, SESAME, WHEAT, MILK, SOY, EGGS and FISH on premise and while we do our best to limit cross-contamination, we do not purchase our raw products from allergen-free vendors nor do we hold ourselves to be an allergen-free facility. 

We encourage all customers with food sensitivities and/or allergies to please ask to review a list of ingredients and know that any of our products may contain trace elements of the above listed allergens and to proceed with caution.

Please Be Kind

We ask for your patience as we work hard to create and fill your orders. Please be respectful of our hard working staff and communicate with them kindly. Unkind or abusive treatment will NOT be tolerated and will result in your order not being filled and/or you being asked to leave.